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25 May 2010


Fr Kenny

"O, Lord, please let anyone but England win, for we are their neighbours and have to live with them." Now, that is my perpetual prayer just now, with an unanswered one to go with it..... "Please, Lord, stop the TV, especially Sky Sports, shoving England down our throats at every opportunity, and if indeed Rooney has become part of The Godhead, can you please expel him immediately? Amen."


soccer!?! Even Tartan Army zoomers don't call it that! Do love how the sort of people (not you!) who are the first to berate Rangers fans (or anyone else) for not supporting Ireland (!) are the first on-board the Anyone But England bandwagon! How does that work?

And if he hadn't been injured, the Divine David Beckham would be going to his FOURTH World Cup!! Remember when certain english st.silasers (and yourself!) used to tease me about Becks when - in 1999 - I said he should be Captain? Look at him now - out at the troops in Afghanistan, and single-handedly trying to rescue England's World Cup 2018 bid! Who's lauging now, eh?! ;-) Plus, his books are great too. Lovely pictures :-).

I've worked out the progression routes to the final, and Brazil (hurrah!) should knock out En-ger-land, the other Semi consisting of Spain v Germany (assuming, as is likely, that the Germans knock out La Albiceleste), leading to the dream Spain v Brazil final! Is there a Gadgetvicar pick for winners? Spain really are as good as they say. Argentina would be entertaining winners to, not least to shut up those En-ger-land pundits who recently claimed that Rooney is better than Messi (!!!).

Andrew T

...may we also be delivered from the wizards, (aka commentators), that mutter and peep "This is just like Ingerland 1966.....".


You could always not watch Sky Sports News, Kenny! Do you really expect them to cover Diddy Teams like Partick Thistle?! ;-)

fr dougal

Try this: "Our Father, which art in Hampden, teach England not to blame - the refs, the weather or Rooney's metatarsal for the fact that they just aren't as good as the Brazilians. Thy Kingdom come at Central Park and grant they we may not always lose to Partick Thistle (or else Kenny will become duly unbearable, thy will (not the Old Firm's)be done on earth as it isn't at Hampden. Give us next time an easy qualifying group and forgive us our unrealistic expectations as we forgive the English for going on about 1966 ALL THE BL**DY TIME! For thine is the Permiership, the Cup and the Goalie. Forever and ever AMEN.

Joshua Bovis

Anyone but England! That is our slogan down here in Oz as well!

My Scottish friends should be a wee bit more optimistic...after all, miracles have not ceased at the end of the Apostolic era! (i.e the Scots beat us in the Rugby!!! - I cannot win! When the Aussies beat the Scots, my mates here in Oz give me stick! When the Scots beat us, my Scottish mates give me the same. Ahhhh the tensions of being a Scaussie (Aussie Dad, Glasgwegian Mother (from Mary Hill and a die-hard Rangers suppporter).


This is superb! I have the misfortune of being married to an Englishman. How long before 1966 is mentioned...again?!!

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