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02 May 2010



Amusing. But given that yer man Beat once said that civil rights aren't necessarily a good thing because people can use them to do bad things (! - W*W* the good *Reverend* Dr. MLK Say?) I'm not sure how much of the above is purely parodic.... Bit like the fabulous:



Thought the candidates did really well GV, good stuff :)
I can think of one strong example of the folly of the civil right to free speech...


LMG: Self-evident and often homophobic nonsense (c.f., oh, so so much) being given a free pass? Good point.


Another great thing about free speech is that it gives people, who are sufficiently brave or honest, to genuinely debate in truly critical and open-minded environments. How unfortunate that others, perhaps understandable given the weakness of their arguments elsewhere, stick to environments where the deck is stacked on favour of them. Nothing like a fair fight, eh? ;-)


What was the point?

Greg, are you anti free speech or is this an "in" joke?

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