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23 June 2010



Sounds the sort of thing that's a bit too....suggestive-of-being-a-nutter....for my taste ,but mad props (as the kids say) for self-describing as 'St.Silas Episcopal' :-D


And there's a Catholic church too! Are evangementalist types REALLY going to every stop?!? ;-)


It's what we are!




You are, by virtue of your involvement with us, an 'evangementalist', self-described or not! Or maybe you only half-subscribe to that title?


You dont' have one of the SEC pub-signs! I also maintain that 'Honk if You're a Pisky' placards outside of episcopal churches would be a GREAT idea! Don't suppose you could suggest it to the bishops? o{];-) Although this would be even better :


Hmm, do your congregations' many dodgy Calvinists, creationists and Zoomer Scriptura types know they're really members of the Scottish Episcopal and Fabulous Church? ;-)
Kudos for mentioning the Glorious Glasgow Rangers in Sunday's sermon!! Can we look forward to a serious of piskily-brief sermons on Sundays when there's big World Cup games on? :-)

Andrew T

Well your underground tour is a lot healthier than that undertaken by many that consists of visiting a pub at every stop. I've not tried such myself being, ahem, a clean-living chap but I have heard some horror stories from some who have.

A friend attends Findlay, locally known as the tent church.

Hopefully when you visit the RC temple you can suggest to them that they actually open their Bibles and read what is contained therein rather than just slavishly hanging on every word from "infallible" old red socks in Rome.


lol! and perhaps - in reciprocity - the Catholics could point out that Christianity is a lot older and better than 1930s derived Revivalist/Fundamentalist approaches to Bibliolatory-cum-Sola Scriptura! The witness of history arguably more validates the legitimacy of the Magisterium than it does Scripture-has-one-clear-self-evidently-moral-meaning-available-easily-to-all. Although - to your great credit - you seem like the sort of fellow would point out that women in leadership (for example) is just as blasphemous from a traditional biblical perspective as gays and Mass. Although one hopes that you draw the line at agreeing with Knox and Luther's overt (and robustly proof-texted) misogyny and anti-semitism!
Of course, it is unfortunate that Scotland's protestant cultures (and this of course goes for traditional catholic ones too)are attacked and stigmatised by PC or trendy types. Am sure the Orange Walk, a week on Saturday, will be roundly attacked by Salvation-By-Being-Middle-Class-And-Up evangelical types bemoaning that the traffic disruption makes it simply impossible to go shopping in John Lewis.


Although the fact that His Holiness is supplied,gratis, with red Prada loafers suggests that your 'red socks' characterisation is accurate, worth stressing that Papal Infallibility has only been invoked once (and never by the current pontiff). Personally, I think the prevalence -within Evangelical circles- of heresies like the Prosperity Gospel,or Lakeland revival guff etc is far worrying that the old battles over sanctification and the Eucharist. Afterall, do you really see many people in the UK jumping ship from protestantism to Catholicism? Interestingly, the only examples that come to mind are Tory conservative types who feel the C of E is insufficiently....strident...which is somewhat curious. Or, of course, Anglicans swimming the Tiber (or being poached?) as they apparently regard opposition to gays and wimmin as the key doctrines of the Faith, not mere edicts about Salvation, Eucharist, Church Authority, Mariology etc etc etc..

Andrew T

Ryan, you and I most likely share a healthy scepticism as to the content of the so-called religion channels on the satellite TV which peddle pure guff in the name of raising money for the various quack preachers seen on them. That is not to say that there are not some gems amongst the dross!

I can recommned the booklet "The Charismatic Movement And The Deformation Of The Church" by my friend Rev. Dr. AS Wayne Pearce for further illumination on the above problem. Give it a try.

Funnily enough, it is reported that a fair proportion of the Scottish Romanist establishment are not looking forward to Herr Ratzinger's visit as they see him as being too hardline. I was a big fan of the comedy series "Father Ted" and the situation in the Romanist church in Scotland reminds me very much of how Father Ted felt about visits from Bishop Brennan!


Intriguing booklet! It's a shame that Gadgetrector doesn't post some good protestant theological speculations on this blog - after all, to judge from the 'Books Gadgetvicar is trying to read' bit on the side, he gets through a lot of fine tomes! It's a shame that evangelicalism embraces (e.g.) Driscoll's trendy pew-filling nonsense whilst shying away from its protestant heritage. Despite being called a 'liberal' I'm not averse to a bit of Penal Substitution ;).


A frightening yet fascinating alliance is forming.


David, I do hope the St.Silas massive do Hail Mary's and Our Father's whilst in St.Papists - When in Rome, and all that! ;)

(birthday boy!) ryan

so did this prayer thing go off ok? You kinda left us hanging Gadgetvicar! Given that Madpriest is currently on vacation I think you should step up and fill the multiple daily blogs vacancy ;)

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