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02 June 2010



I hate to have to point it out, but Krstic did exacly what Moses and Joshua did - kill the infidels. What makes them moral?
Being christian does not mean you act morally. Was southern baptist Harry S Truman being moral when he sanctioned dropping two nukes on civilians?

What exactly do you think "christ" brought to society? Blair and Bush gave us wars of questionable morality and legality after consulting "christ", while other christians were against the war after "consulting christ".

I would say that good moral values transcend a particural belief system. They are basic human properties. Personally, I think society would be much better off without the so called moral authority of religion. I'm sure we share a lot of moral values - lying, theft, murder, tourture for fun are all wrong, but do I really need religion to tell me so? We no doubt differ too. You think homosexuality is a sin, but take away the "authority" and there is no justification to hold such a belief. With the other things, we could both make a convincing secular argument as to why they are wrong.

You could have had an extra 20 seconds in bed this morning. As part of the nation, I give you permission to not pray for me :-)


Sounds cool! Although surely CH would have rebuilt you as a liberal Six Million Dollar Man if only you'd let them? ;-)

Kelvin Holdsworth

I think I disagree with Ryan. The bullying that sometimes seems endemic in priestly formation is not directly connected to one's theological perspective. Theological positions can be used to get at people, but that's just a tool they used to beat you up with.

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