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20 June 2010



You're not a Vicar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, hadn't realised that the get up made you look like a (proper!!) priest! Deeply glorious of course, but were you not worried that given Glasgow's - er, colourful - religious context that people throwing things at figures so clad might not have been doing so from entirely loving motivations? ;)


you look entirely different!? Have you gone back in time and lost 15 years in age??


Your kind words bring encouragement. I think it's a combination of having my specs off, water, sunlight and quite possibly Photoshop!


Oh rubbish!! I was so tired on Sunday I missed my chance to soak GadgetVicar!!! Is it a standing thing every Sunday now? BYOS? ;-) :-D

Andrew T

Ho! Ho!

Was there an orchestra of Vuvuzelas gently intoning in the background as you received your spongeing????


nahhhh, you've got v cool new haircut I think.

Our mutual friend Rev E H Gunn also bends time - looks younger as he gets older, hair looks darker rather than grey-er.

Talking of mutual friends, I was amazed to read in an article in the national Alpha newspaper that the esteemed Rector of the capital's shiniest Pisky church has three nipples. I nearly choked on my Earl Grey.

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