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13 June 2010



Having said that..



i love the hooters. :) They remind me of the Claymores games, when the Dutch fans brought stackable horns and honked them all the while their team was on defense.

Sanna and I made our own racket during the games by continuously blowing referee-quality whistles and hitting drumsticks together.

Great days. :)


Looks like your prayers have been answered!

>>i love the hooters. :)



I find not watching the football works well....

Iain Campbell

I have no interest in football whatsoever, so perhaps this might sound ignorant, but can't you watch it with the sound off? It's not like the players have lines or tell jokes. You could create your own football soundtrack on your iPod and listen to that instead!


Having no interest in football is worse than dissing Batman, Ian! ;)

The problem with listening to music whilst watching football is that commentators, however jingoistic or incompetent, at least match the flow of the game (getting excited when goals are scored, chatting during lulls etc), whereas music has its own highs and lows that dont' match up. Personally I listened to a football podcast* whilst watching a game yesterday. Tempted to do the same today whilst also playing with a football and eating chocolate footballs for the most football-y experience EVER! ;)

(* Baddiel and Skinner are back - hurrah! - and podcasting, but the best is still the excellent James Richardson (of Football Italia fame) and co on the Guardian's World Cup daily podcast. )

Andrew T

Not really an option for us blokes!

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