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19 July 2010



Amen! The movie could best be described as 'like The Matrix, except good' and it's worth stressing that Nolan makes a point of explaining (despite the risk of Basil Exposition type characterisation!) how the dream world 'works' (necessary for genuine drama) rather than just throwing explosions and spectacle at the scene. Saito bleeding out and the van falling into the water were both brilliantly tense, like the boat sequence in The Dark Knight. And even in the very cool shifting hall sequence has Arthur trying to solve a recognisable puzzle grounding the mindbending action. And surely the final scene itself is deliberately as open and subtle as the unicorn moments in Bladerunner?

Plus, explanations of technology just slow the plot down and add nothing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technobabble), one of (many) reasons why Star Wars is much better than Star Trek :)


That said, this is a lot of fun :


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