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03 August 2010



quite enjoyed this series too, but yeah prob fair point about being pretty dark!


I LOVED Rev. I don't think it was unremittingly dark. True, he had no friends in the congregation (except for Colin really) and he had a very demanding wife! I interpreted the last one though as him having a HUGE crisis of faith and then, through the policeman asking him to pray for the dying member of his parish, he heard God speaking directly to him. Everyone will have different interpretations I suppose. Maybe there could have been less "rude" bits - I certainly couldn't have watched this programme with my mother for example!
I just loved it, especially the programme where the trendy vicar comes in with the smoothie bar. My favourite quote from the series is "Faith must encounter doubt, all I get from you is certainty". Maybe that's because I just find that very applicable to myself and my church situation!

Raspberry Rabbit

Fair point about the darkness. Adam Smallbone was the sort of "clergyperson teetering on the edge of being a casulty but nonetheless embodying a high degree of coincidental grace" which is not, shall we say, unknown in the Anglican Church of Canada or the SEC. As for the depiction of the trendy evangelical: well, like the evil archdeacon, it may be a little over the top but we've all met them. From the vantage point of twenty five years of priestly ministry I was able to put a face and a name to every one of those caricatures. I'd have even been able to beef a few of them up. In the next series I'm hoping to meet the Charismatic Dragon Woman and the Convenor of Secret Meetings.

On the other hand maybe you're right. Maybe God does like winners.

Kevin Lewis

Rev. has been brilliant - managing to cover the heights and depths of ministry in its humour, quirkiness and sadness.

I have written about it from my perspective as a vicar a few times, because it provides so much to think about! Here's my reflections on its final episode... http://theblogofkevin.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/rev-evenangelical-angst/

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