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15 September 2010



much as I love (The!) Arcade Fire, where's the GV Papal blog!? Surely you must have something witty and wise to say about the Successor of St.Peter, Prince of the Apostles visiting the dear green place? After all, you're both interestingly attired theological conservatives ;) I hear he's having to sit through both Susan Boyle *and* Shine Jesus Shine! Given the choice, I'd taken being arrested by an unhinged Richard Dawkins over that.


Cool!!! Copying!!


"I'd taken being arrested by an unhinged Richard Dawkins over that."
Who wouldn't:-)
It is a bit of a myth that Dawkins said he would arrest him. He would of course support an arrest (as would I), but it is actually a christian lawyer Geoffrey Robertson who investigated whether such an action was legal - and concluded it was. The government then tinkered with the law slightly to avoid embarassment.

I was totally disgusted by the link with Nazism and I think the pope has just alienated atheists (and possibly a few christians) - so, the fight will intensify


Ran the programme! Brilliant. Served to make Lennoxtown look epicly compelling, which is no mean feat ;)

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