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14 December 2010



A Vision Booklet? Sounds like the sort of thing I'd buy in Forbidden Planet (very much a compliment!). With a title like that, I hope it's printed with 3-D or, at the very least, **Glittery** text! :)


Selling the rectory?! That sucks. I know I've joked that evangementalist culture is a bit piggily materialistic, but big houses for the clergy is a long, noble and arguably necessary tradition! I remember attending Alpha and confirmation classes at the rectory in my long-ago youth, so it's not like its size was squandered,worldly, on guitar and games rooms (which, frankly, is what I would have done ;0))

Can't you at least get the cash difference of the sold house and the new flat, in the spirit of that fine clergyman Ted Crilly? ;)


great decision!


Sounds like exciting times ahead! We'll be praying for you at St Aug's having done all that stuff, minus the vision bookie, last year!

Andrew T

Er, don't really know the dimensions of whatever ground is left, (if any), round the church after the building of the hall but perhaps a GV wing could be built?

Or is that a daft idea?

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