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28 September 2011



Firstly, I hope for a peaceful outcome, as should anyone who cares about rights and freedom.
I would probably re-word this to make it clear he is not facing this because he is a Christian, but because he is considered an apostate. The case has its roots in a fatwa issued against him because he challenged the ruling that islam must be taught in all schools. However, some Ayatollahs have challenged this fatwa, so there is hope that some sense will prevail. Also, of the panel of 5 judges, only two are clerics, and they are the ones wanting to take “specific actions”, so if he survives, there will be no miracle behind it. This is a clear example of the danger of giving clerics power.

To christians, this may be seen as "witnessing", to the rest of us, it is just silliness.


I'd have to confess I feel a bit envious of him.
In Scotland all you have to contend with,
is people looking at you in a funny way.
Christ instructed his disciples to go out and tell every man, woman and child in the world that he was their greatest need.
We can be sure this is what God wants us to do whether it is in season or out of season whether we are arrested for it or just given a strange look.

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